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Are you happy with the size of your penis? Every man & women too wants a larger penis to have a satisfying sexual encounter. Today, there are many options a man can look to increase his penis size. Penis enlargement pumps, extenders, pills, creams and surgeries are some of the popular methods to enlarge penis. Surgeries are used to get fast and permanent results but then they are very painful, expensive and have numerous side-effects. However extenders, creams, and pumps results in loss of overall sensitivity of penis.

Penis enlarging exercises go back centuries to ancient Arabia. Men about to get married often practice penis enlargement exercises called Jelqing. This exercise involves massaging the penis for about 30-45 minutes. The technique is NOT masturbation as some people seem to think. It is more of a stretching exercise.

Penile enlargement through exercises is achieved in both length and girth by forcing increased blood flow into the erectile tissue, thus stimulating the cells within them. The stressed cells will eventually repair, strengthen and thus a bigger and longer penis is formed. Kegel exercises in particular have been shown to stimulate the internal development and expansion of cells in the penile chamber.

However, exercise alone cannot guarantee the type of results most men long for. They should be combined with pills or some other form of treatment for optimum results.

A herbal penis enlargement pill is the best alternative to all the health supporters, as it enlarges both girth and length of your penis safely and naturally. The ingredients in these pills contain some extraordinary herbs and nutrients, which successfully promotes blood circulation to the penis that boosts its size.

Apart from penis exercises, few changes in life style can help in the enlargement of penis. For example, try to have nap in daytime also, eat healthy balance diet; regular exercise will help in penis enlargement by improving blood flow to the penis.

It has been proven that a combination of natural exercises couple with safe natural penis enlargement Pills work best in increasing the penis length and girth.

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